The American Trinity

God, the apostle Paul, and the comedian Lenny Bruce appeared to prominent American pornographer Larry Flynt, when in 1977 he was flying over the Rockies with Ruth Carter Stapleton, president Carter's sister, in his labia-pink jet. True story, he recalls it in his memoir: >>
Flynt was thrown into that spiritual spin because he was messing too much with the Sun (powers known and unknown). When biology clocked him at thirty-five, when a man needs to straighten out and get his job done, the Sun roared. Happens to many of us maturing guys, only in less otherworldly ways. With the pink-shot sophist Flynt it took an extreme turn. Not, primarily, because he was filthy in an extreme way―many guys are―but because he had become one of the notorious agents of ill eating away at the Western world.
Flynt had had religious flashes for some time prior. Again, nothing unusual for a guy of that age and life history. But what made his case singular and exemplary for all to see, was the shift to a whole new level of meaning, the plight of a whole race of peopleWhites.

AMERICAA nationalism is a fresh and fine sentiment, but its early evolution has been warped due to post-WWII suppression of identitarian thought. It was left for "development" to intellectual fringes, like a child to woods people.

This work seizes white nationalism from the woods people and hands it to the White folks at large. >>

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