White America's Rising Has Been Too Germanic

White America’s upheaval has been too Germanic, it's one reason it's having such a hard time getting its act off the ground.

White Americans have and will have a problem with over-Germanization of their nationalistic upsurge, Americans of German ancestry being the sturdiest ethnic component of White America today.
The "alt-right" movement, which came to the national attention in the 2016 presidential election, gushed out of America's Germanic id in relevant part. The "Hail Trump!" post-election jollity, the "lügenpresse" and similar dog-whistling, came out of that Wotan bag.


How to live and prosper as Whites? The best ones need to hit the road and search for new gods. The dysgenic gods must go down. Including the forbidden to be named.
I swam up to the Statue of Liberty before hitting the road to pick her brains. That's what the guys do in the myths sometimes, they push for hints. I dropped religion back in my teens and then everything else. So what are you left with if you move outside of the stitched world? Instinct, dreams, myths, and sometimes a staged extremity like this. If such an extremity works.
Luckily this one did... > >

American Epiphany

God, the apostle Paul, and the comedian Lenny Bruce appeared to prominent American pornographer Larry Flynt when in 1977 he was flying over the Rockies in his labia-pink jet.
The porner was thrown into this spiritual spin because he was messing too much with the Sun. And when biology clocked him at thirty-five, when a man needs to straighten out and get his job done, the Sun roared. Happens to many of us maturing guys, only in less otherworldly ways. With the pink-shot sophist Flynt it took an extreme turn not, primarily, because he was filthy in an extreme way. Many guys are. But because he had become one of the notorious agents of ill eating away at the Western world.