I swam up to the Statue of Liberty before hitting the road to pick her brains. That's what the guys do in the myths sometimes, they push for hints. I dropped religion back in my teens and then everything else. So what are you left with if you move outside of the stitched world? Instinct, dreams, myths, and sometimes a staged extremity like this. If such an extremity works.

Luckily this one did. 

The Lady in the Harbor I knew, I was at her 1986 centennial bash. I jumped into the water as I stood in Battery Park, sneakers and all, to show how serious I was. When I finally crawled onto her patch drenched and beat like a rented mule, you know what she said? “We don’t have French fries upstairs, sir.” In French (pommes de terre frites). Years before 9/11 she dropped that. 

Then I heard a noise. Clack, clack. I turned around. A barefoot woman, her feet of translucent glass, was circling the monument. The feet clacking against the pavement, she wailing...>> 

Recenzje Do Wyoming

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