UPPER EAST SIDE―a chapter from new book

My entry into America was a breeze. I debuted as an underground writer in the Commie Poland and our ethnic émigré elite in New York gave me a nepotic hand. They set me up with an American family on the Upper East Side.
E 72nd St, the brownstone on left under tree
It was a power node alright. My host was a Princeton professor, his brother was J.F.K.’s speechwriter. A couple blocks west by Madison Ave was a co-op whose occupants refused Richard Nixon as a tenant, when he and his ailing Pat sought a pad near NYC hospitals. A block up north from that post-HUAC clash, modern patrician William F. Buckley Jr. had a duplex, where he threw his famously eloquent dinners and power proms.
It was the time of his life for Buckley, as a devoted browser of his National Review and a pal was doing two terms in the White House. Buckley was the father of so-called modern American conservatism, one of the great American loser-ideas of the second half of the 20th century.
Of course, on the face of it this “modern” American conservatism seemed like a well-adjusted meme. It surpassed the Old Right’s isolationism, allowing the country to kick Communism’s butt. It fought the infiltration of America’s power elite by the Reds during the F.D.R. reign. It embraced economic libertarianism, morphed into Reaganomics in time. Last but not least, it purged the mainstream American conservatism of antisemitism and antisemites.
In terms of ideas though this “modern” American conservatism didn’t create anything lasting, taking most of its lift from opposing so-called liberalism, a known trollop bedded by more than a few passing “truths.” Putting America back on her feet by quarrelling with an ideological street hooker while the country was being biologically unrigged―you'd think America could come up with something a bit better at such a determinative point. She couldn't.
Technically, Buckley’s biggest blunder was throwing out the baby with the bath water in purging antisemitism and antisemites. It is an observable fact that the ethnic European psyche doesn’t handle well the kind of group-denseness historically lived by the Jews wherever they try to do their thing. We ethnic Euros can get group-constricted alright, but for that we need to get sanguinary, like in a war. In a peace time we’re rather supersoloists, as the draw and durability of our highly personalistic historic religion attests. With the presence of the group-fixated Jews in our midst our ordinarily group-unassisted psyche lives in a state of permanent subanxiety. The spectrum of responses runs from silly loathing to silly adoration, as the more peripheral types grasp at mind-stability like at straws.
So on the one hand, it was sensible of Buckley and his “modern” American conservatism to throw the consumerist antisemitism under the bus. Those outlier power-trip types running around with a lit match and blustering, “I'll set the flames of antisemitism to you, Jews, I'm Power, fear Me!”
At the same time, it was an inordinate mistake to cut off the natural defenses―sacred as such―we ethnic Euros construct organically against Jewish group-jamming of our hubs. The kind of behavior especially critical for us since the European Enlightenment, which has significantly boosted upward-mobility of all individuals, including networking Jews.
The snobbery of the old WASP elite (of which Buckley wasn’t a member by blood reason) on the Jewish issue would seem an unwisely renounced American virtue. That snobbery should have been kept on and nourished and worn proudly as a badge of honor and a ticket of devotion to one’s own kind. Today, in time of dire need, it would start spreading as a saving paradigm throughout all European-derived world, making America great again. An all-ethnic European elite, no exceptions, for the ethnic Europeans is the necessary condition for our kind to pass alive through the Third Millennium.
But Buckley denied the American contemporary conservatism the platform for a civilized power clash between Jews and ethnic Euro-Americans. So dumb. It would be only rational, as the two groups’ interests on some issues collude, and on many others collide. Some things just need to be duked out, preferably in the open, or they will be “opened” by stronger forces in an overdue time, and that can be pricey as history repeatedly attests.
In the 1990s some among Buckley’s NR staffers acutely sensed that it might be the last call for a nation-wide insurgence against the mass immigration from the Third World. That within the next half-century American ethnic Euros would plunge to a minority status in their own country.
But as Buckley’s common-sensers were getting their ideas off the ground, he purged them from the staff and demoted even the editor-in-chief, who allowed for such a perceptivity-crime.
Obviously that perceptivity would have lead to public awareness of the disproportional―as compared to other ethnic groups―Jewish involvement in doing away with the pro-European Immigration Act of 1924, and imposing on the nation the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 instead, a virtual floodgates-opener for the Third World.
Yes, in the 1990s, when the Euro-Americans in the course of just several decades had dropped from 90% to 60% of the population, the country’s Euro-American intellectuals took to some sort of resistance. I’m not talking about just Buckley’s stable of cerebral trotters; the movement was broader. But it all failed. Isn’t it pitiful that at such a critical point America wouldn’t come up with a vigorous defense of her defining biological self? The Euro-American intellectual class obviously didn’t have the brawn nor numbers to rise up to the challenge. To raise the awareness of the Euro-American population and start effectively turning the tide. All these 968 or 969 American universities among the world’s top 1,000, and this. Eggheads are natural cowards, even with the fattest tenures.
As for our overzealous Mr. Clean, as he was purging the immigration-restrictionists―and prospective “antisemites,” as an inevitable consequence of such an attitude―from his staff, he even ratted publically (1992) on his own father as an habitual antisemite. When he kicked the bucket in 2008, his son in turn sold him out by revealing to the public that in his concluding years William F. Buckley Jr. would crack open the door while chauffeured in a limousine and secretly sprinkle his bladder’s contents into the speedway breeze. Thus ended American modern conservatism, with a pee.