White America's upheaval has been too Germanic...

…it's one reason it has had such a hard time getting off the ground.
White Americans have and will have a problem with over-Germanization of their nationalistic upsurge, Americans of German ancestry being the sturdiest ethnic component of white America today:

The "alt-right" movement, which came to the national attention in the 2016 presidential election, gushed out of America's Germanic id in relevant part. The "Hail Trump!" post-election jollity, the "lügenpresse" and similar dog-whistling, came out of that Wotan bag.
Producers of greatness as they have been, there’s also, as in all things human, the other edge to ‘em Krauts. Today it preempts and discredits a broader integration of ethnic Euro-Americans--or Euroamericans--whose common cause is yet to be worked out. The primitive bit within the Germanic id/Wotan isn't going anywhere, all is not dead which lies buried. Therefore it needs to be confronted head on and kept thereafter in check by the strength of an all-European nationalism.
Don't get deluded, white man, no political action will solve your present existential problem. A successful political action will flow out of the cultural-spiritual remake of whole European peoplehood, not earlier. Brace up for a century's worth march through the minds and souls of ethnic Euros in America and worldwide. And it ain't gonna be a pop-cultural strut either, make no lazy mistake.
The best which can be done from now on is to work toward cultural separation of white Americans, so they’ll be getting water of life at a separate cultural fountain, instead of becoming new slaves.