AMERICAA: An Intro to New Writing About Whites in America

 An anonymous Amazon review:

"Racist garbage. White supremacy under the guise of 'understanding.' Absolute trash!"

Sin bravely, enjoy!

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For the past half-century America has been ingested by the deadliest enzyme since the forming of the European race: cultural Marxism.

In culture wars, there is no winning without knowing. Ride with the narrator from East Village in NYC to the Bitterroot Valley in Montana for years and with many immersions and knowyour enemy and how he plots.

The author of Americaa knows Marxism when he sees it. He was one of the underground writers and printers under the Soviet variety of Marxist regime. His underground book In Poland
and a literary debut due to heavy censorship (Hello America!)made an instant impact upon publication in 1978, and has become a national classic.

Now the Marxist plague has mutated and eats away at the United States.

America has reacted, of course, although the populist aspect of it came very late, considering that the Frankfurt School took root here in the 1930s. The American voter had slumbered late into the day in this destiny-level case, seemingly unaware that the much avowed, practically indisputable American two-party system had gotten in its both representations under critical control of the same non-democratic and in some aspects non-American forces. That lead brilliant Sam Francis to finally lay it out that there was only one party in America split internally on the abortion issue.

In the 1990s some among William F. Buckley Jr.'s (the father of so-called modern American conservatism) National Review troops began realizing that within the next half-century Euroamericans would plunge to minority status in their own country. The Republic was approaching the point of no return, dissolving in the encroaching Third World by the day. Or the Global South, as some have come to term it, implicitly touching on the merciless fact that different environments result in evolutionary differences in both, individuals and groups, if given time. But as Buckley's common-sensers were getting their ideas off the ground, he purged them from the staff and demoted even the editor-in-chief that allowed for such a perceptivity crime.

Yes, in the 1990s when Euroamericans in just several decades had dropped from 90% to 60% share of the population, the country's Euroamerican highbrows took to some sort of resistance. I'm not talking about just Buckley's stable of cerebral trotters, the movement was broader. But it all failed. The natural Euroamerican intellectual class didn't have the mettle to rise to the challenge, to boost the identitarian will of enough common Euroamericans to turn the tide. All those 968 or 969 American universities among the world's top 1,000―and this. Eggheads are natural cowards, even with the fattest tenures, rare exceptions proving the rule.

It fell pretty much on populism at this point.

In the mid-1990s Ross Perot and his Reform Party surfaced. Its groundswell energy didn't get much cultivation from its simplistic leader, and in a few years it became irrelevant.

In 2009 the Tea Party emerged; likewise poorly intellectualized, it fizzled out too.

In the mid-2010s the will of ethnic Euroamericans began rising again, this time rightly seeking a clearer, brought-up-to-date self-identification. Alas, the promising process was capped by the so-called "Alt-Right," and consequently botched by the thick Wotanic (per Carl Jung take) element underlying it. There was no other coherent identitarian band around to do the job, just the singular personality of Donald Trump. The "Alt-Right" movement came to the national attention in the 2016 presidential election, with "Hail Trump!," "lügenpresse," and similar dog-whistling during the Inauguration festivities. Promptly recorded by the delighted PTB, the jolly references became paralyzers shot via the media guns into the common Euroamerican mind.

No mind paralyzers in Americaa, though.