The Big Tech Bolshevik Scam

USA, World 2020

my former Twitter account


Let's smoke out the Bolsheviks now:

Singer a.k.a. Singer Ringer (this thing with Drudge now?):
3,4 mln views; 12,600 comments


PAWN: muh pretty nose ring

the Tweet:


The text in the Tweet:

Another beauty:

when they invaded Poland in 1920, but they have 
since regrouped, reidelologized, reterritorialized,
and trash the Western world (their wet dream
since inception) today to no end.
[Polish anti-communist poster from the 1920
War showing Leon Trotsky. Large caption reads:
"Bolshevik freedom."


My last emails to after they had locked my account:

Tue, Sep 1, 2020 at 7:12 AM
I'm no twitter addict, but, dudes, you've been dragging this simple
case since August 20. Are you underfounded or somesuch? If I had a
few spare bucks I'd send you but I need to make laundry today, man, I
hate doing laundry.

Wed, Sep 2, 2020 at 8:48 AM
Hey guys, I managed to skim my laundry drying yesterday from 2 bucks
apiece down to $1.75, so I have some quarters left. I may send them to
your bosses to speed up this oh so difficult case. It's been nearly
two weeks with no sound explanation, no nothing, surely they're
undernourished. What do you say?

* *

Easy come, easy go, I don't give a flip about the so-called social media and its mass-mind drone. I'm free, free to think. Which is not what you get on 'social media,' where you're free to pass and get information (to a point, to a point), but mostly you're there for getting off, short-circuiting living. A Polish web meme describes it succinctly: whenever you open your site to free commenting, sooner or later your commentariat will turn into "grupa besiadna," "a feasting bunch." 
A couple of screengrabs from my glorious Twitter past:


This one drove 'em bonkers, went viral within an hour (despite that I was knocking off the 'followers' grabbing my deck as fast as I could) ;)))

On that thread happened my favorite Twitter exchange ;))))

After responding to this SJW freak with a pic of the Poles enjoying summer on a river, I banned him because how dare he accuse me of "Nazism." Within moments some incognito non-purcheser left a "review" on the Amazon page of my ebook Americaa, take a look ;))
When I saw this review, I thought, wow, it will make a great ad for the book! So I submitted it:


Amazon suspended the ad and mumbled when I inquired why. I wrote back: Amazon, why you mumble, this is a review on your site, you surely aren't ashamed of letting it hang there, right, so why can't I use it for a great ad? Amazon went full incoherent for "explaining." Such a great ad!

Back to us, from

* *
I'm free because I like stupid jobs. I like simple jobs because they're mandalas in the basest sense, and as a writer they help me not to sell out. I have to hear yet of a writer that tried to make a living off writing and didn’t lick ykw's balls. Here’s 20 bucks if you show me one that writes for money and hasn’t licked.