Antifa is a designed cult that sucks in the biologically/mentally/sexually deranged, "mattoids"
we're talking the boots on the ground without whom it'd be a nonentity considering its aimand through mind-altering techniques formats them into a violent 21st-century brand of shock troops. It may be steered from way far behind, but it is steered. It is a plotted thing.

Just this week I saw a pack of them in my neighborhood QFC market, clothed in dark with dark backpacks, stocking up on drinks and snacks before hitting downtown Seattle. They appeared small, scrawny (dumbed down females, most of them), small in personalities too. They moved between the aisles stilly like rodents in grass.

Their particular kind of violence, best described as thug-violence (sucker-punching, wolfpack/swarm attacks, no "honor," "fairness," "respect" for women, even children), has been an essential trait of their public activity. They have been stripped of the conventional morality and ethics, and it can be assumed that the violent part has been deliberately designed to put fear into the common White folks, so they would not easily integrate into meaningful street movements.

Such street outbreaks seem to become the next phase for the ethnic Europeans worldwide (e.g. "yellow jackets" in France) since "democracy" doesn't work anymore. Behold the attacks on the Million MAGA March folks in Washington, D.C. on November 14, 2020. When the crowd began dispersing and the prospective victims could be approached as isolated groups of few individuals, they were viciously physically mangled. They will "remember" it's not a walk in the park.

Antifa's unleashed rage-dogs arrested for violence in Portland:

As a writer at The Occidental Observer recently put it:

I asked myself — had the city [Portland, OR] ruined the people, or had people ruined the city? A long-time resident would be better placed to answer that than me. In either case, there’s an argument to be made that once a city establishes a certain reputation, that reputation can be hard to escape from. Decent people can be deterred from moving to the area, while untold numbers of misfits come in their floods in expectation of human acceptance and cultural chaos. Judging from Andy Ngo’s revelations about the city’s Antifa arrestees, the city is now a kind of Satanic black hole, drawing in via demonic gravity every pedophile, sodomite, transvestite, meth-head, and revolutionary Jew in its vicinity (incidentally, the city’s Jewish population doubled between 2001 and 2011).

My first experience of Antifa here in Seattle was when I went to a troll Milo Yiannopoulos show at the University of Washington in 2017, which ended with shooting. I watched an Oriental guy getting worked up because Antifa thugs were repeatedly knocking off his MAGA hat: Where's my hat! Where's my hat! I saw the hat, wanted to point it to him, but something was telling me: stay off, just watch. He later pepper sprayed one of the harassers and his wife (looks Caucasian) shot the goon. Oftentimes Oriental guys' manhood feels diminished in the Caucasian environment and when challenged it may prematurely snap. And/or the snap may rub off onto the wife, particularly if she is Caucasian.

Woman who shot protester at UW tells jury,
it was 'him or my darling' husband

Pure comedy with you silly Whites.