A couple of screengrabs from my glorious Twitter past:


My favorite shot and one that drove /them/ bonkers and went viral within an hour:

On that thread happened my loveliest Twitter exchange:

After responding to this ethnic funk with a pic of Poles enjoying summer on a river, I banned him because how dare he accuse me of "Nazism." Within moments some incognito non-purcheser left a "review" on the Amazon page of my ebook Americaa, check the dates:
When I saw that review I thought, wow, it will make a great ad for the book! So I submitted it to Amazon Ads:

Amazon suspended the ad and mumbled when I inquired why. I wrote back: Amazon, why you mumble, this is a review on your site, you surely aren't ashamed of letting it hang there, right, so why can't I use it for a great ad? Amazon went full incoherent for "explaining."
Damn, such a great ad!!
In August 2020 Twitter suspended my account without a concrete reason given. In December 2020 it generously reopened it without a peep. Go to hell Bolshevik whores.
This just in (April 7, 2021): On April 5, 2021 the said Amazon 'customer review' of Americaa"Racist garbage, White supremacy, Absolute trash"was still on Amazon site as for the previous seven months (cache 2/19/21). Today it's gone (current page). Draw your own conclusions.
The other two anonymous non-purchase one-star "reviews" are from the time when Andy Ngo's Unmasked: Inside Antifa's Radical Plan to Destroy Democracy hit the market and I advertised Americaa on that book's page (sold a few). Typical Antifa rodents' behavior, as I lay it out here.

For futher insights into the Web Tech Oligarchs' subservient ways (they're just lieutenants, or pawns like in the case of Jack Dorsey, don't think much of them) read this: >>>>